Webinar: Towards the Circular Mining Economy

LUT University’s Xplorer network and the Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg provided a webinar February 12, 2021 on raw materials and circular economy. The objective of the webinar was to promote research collaboration between Finland and Russia. Please find some of the presentations here.

Novel Methods for Metal Recovery from the Side Streams

Eveliina Repo, Associate Professor, LUT 


Complex Processing of High-carbon Ash and Slag Waste

Maria Chukaeva, Senior researcher and Ivan Sverchkov Researcher, St. Petersburg Mining University 


R&D Projects on Waste Recycling for Mining Industry in Russian Climatic Conditions

Alexey Alekseenko, Assistant Professor, St. Petersburg Mining University 


FLOWISION – Enhancing Energy Transition in Russia and Finland by Making Resource Flows Visible

Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen, Professor, Aleksanteri Institute & Helsinki Institute for Sustainability Science, University of Helsinki 


Recycling of Lithium-ion Batteries, and Simulation Based Life Cycle Analysis of Recycling Processes

Mari Lundström, Professor, Aalto University 


SCI-MAT Research Platform – Multidisciplinary Research on Sustainable Circularity of Inorganic Materials

Sami Virolainen, Platform Director, LUT