There are over 60 different metals in a smart phone. How and where have they been excavated? 

By studying mining engineering, you can impact how raw materials are being produced. The universities in the Xplorer network offer education and joint degree programs.

How do you become a specialist in mining?

One way to proceed is to study chemical engineering. It is a good basis for almost every industry. After your bachelor degree you can continue to study in English-speaking master’s programs.

Water is involved in almost all mining processes. LUT is renowned for its water research.

LUT is strong in chemical engineering, and namely in the research and education of separation science.

At LUT University we highlight systemic understanding and learning. This refers to how things relate to each other. It is important today and will be more so in the future, that we understand fully the impact our activities have on our natural surroundings. It is not enough to simply analyze results and numbers, we must also be able to see further down the road. 

You will be able to take courses provided together with our partner universities. Moreover, you have the opportunity to do joint degree programs at two or three university at the same time.

New program for makers of the future

LUT University is currently building a new Master’s program in mining-engineering, together with EIT RawMaterials. Project MEITIM is working towards 2022, when students will first be approved to study the Master’s program in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology Integration in Mining. This sets up graduates to become mining professionals of the future.

The training will be planned carefully together with universities, industry and research centers. The most visible part of the cooperation is a yearly IWSCO Workshop which concentrates on developing education. The first IWSCO (International Workshop on Skills and Competencies of the XXI Century Workforce) was provided in 2020.

During the first workshop specialists discussed the skills needed for future engineers, entrepreneurs, data-analysts and innovators.

Responsible for education

Sami Virolainen 20200127

We are moving towards an e-society and circular economy. The new era needs more experts and experts with new type of skills set. Xplorer brings together the talents, who will train the workforce for the mining and metallurgical industries.

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